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Hugo The Movie Star (1996)

Watch Hugo The Movie Star (1996) full movie watch cartoons online.
Original title: Jungledyret 2 – den store filmhelt (1996)
Synopsis: Hugo, the one-of-a-kind jungle animal, is snatched away from his home for a second time in another attempt for him to become an animal actor. Meanwhile, he’s reunited with Rita the kind, streetwise fox. Finding that life in front of and behind thehttps://drive google com/file/d/1l_gCDepczBID_d5BLsWgJW9oP7fVDxPo/view camera isn’t so bad, he grows more unaccustomed to wild life once he escapes and slowly weakens his relationship with Rita.
Directors: Stefan Fjeldmark, Jørgen Lerdam
Writer: Flemming Quist Møller
Stars: Kaya Brüel, Jesper Klein, Søs Egelind
Country: Denmark
Language: English
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